Pascal Comeau thérapeute Rendez-vous / Appointments

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A Typical energy healing Session

Before starting the session, Pascal will fill out a health assessment form with you so he can know your needs and expectations;

he will answer any questions you might have. Treatments usually last approximately 75 minutes. He does not make use of any excessive physical force, and clients keep their clothes on throughout the treatment. First Pascal will perform a postural adjustment while you are standing. Then you will be asked to lie on a massage table for the rest of the session. During the treatment you are encouraged to tell Pascal how you are feeling. This exchange of information is essential as it allows the therapist to know what parts of the body require attention. The treatment soon sets in motion a healing process that is generally very relaxing and may free certain emotional blockages. At the end of the session Pascal will invite you to share your impressions, and he will answer any questions.
Usually you will notice the benefits of the treatment immediately. However, the effects of this energy work can last several hours after the treatment and at times even continue days later. This healing session can also be done from distance.

Health Benefits

- Correction of postural problems without pain or the use of excessive force

- Freeing of energy blockages
- Relief from or complete removal of physical pain
- Reduction of stress
- A feeling of well-being
- Elimination of toxins built up in the body
- Reinforcement and acceleration of the natural healing process

Duration: 75 minutes - $90  (RITMA insurance receipt)
Treatments take place at the Longueuil office,

at your business or home (additional fees)

From distance: 60$ (RITMA insurance receipt)